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Refuge News

WolfWood is a state and federally licensed non-profit refuge for wolves and wolf/dogs. We provide a safe haven and the highest quality of life possible for these special needs animals.
We are engaged in rescue and rehabilitation, not breeding and selling. We work with other animal organizations around the country to save wolves and wolf/dogs that otherwise would die.

New Arrival Sage:
Sage is a young high percentage male. He came from a private party in Silverton. Sage has quickly become a volunteer favorite with his boyish enthusiasm and sweet personality. He is already living with Ginger, who refuses to recognize the 11 year age difference and keeps up with him. They make a great pairing and we are so happy to have this possible ambassador as part of the WolfWood pack

Urgent Needs

Below is a link to WolfWood's Amazon wish list. We are grateful for any support you provide.

For those who would like to help with canned food or other items on WolfWood's wish list at Chewy

We really appreciate any help you can offer.

New Arrival Celeste:  
Celeste is a new animal at the Refuge. She came from a big rescue mission out of Minnesota. She is very friendly with people, but not such a fan of other canines at the moment. She is about 4 years old. Once she settles in, we will see if we can slowly introduce her to a friend. She is very athletic and active and loves to greet everyone who comes by.

Introducing Wolf Facts:
updated June 15th, 2023

A weekly series of fun facts about wolves extracted from various books and scientific reviews. You may have seen these go by on our FaceBook Page, they are collected here for those not on Facebook.

They are available from our Media page or a direct link at the top of the page.


2024 WolfWood Calendar

There are still a few 2924 WolfWood Refuge calendars left. We don't want anyone to miss out on seeing the beautiful faces of our WolfWood animals.

To purchase calendars contact Paula at wolfwood1995@hotmail.com. They cost $20 each (Shipping Included). You can pay for them by check addressed to WolfWood Refuge or via the yellow donate button on our web page at http://www.wolfwoodrefuge.org/index.php?page=donation

$20 each (Shipping Included)


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