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Meet our latest addition.

26 March, 2021

Axle (formerly known as Koda) came to us from Utah. He lived with a loving couple who were having health issues and just could not handle his size and energy level. They wanted him to have companion animals to play with and a home outside to match his sled dog background, so they contacted WolfWood.  We have a few females that also could use a friend, so when we said we could make room for him, his family brought him to us. Leaving him was hard, but they truly wanted what was best for him.

Axle is a friendly guy and likes all the volunteers. He is definitely enthusiastic and needs to learn not to jump, but he is adapting well. He is already learning his new name and is a very smart guy. He is young, only 2, and we believe he will be the perfect match for Xena. Watch the website to see if the two of them can be pen mates. We will try in the next week or two. We think Xena will be able to keep up with him and we are hoping to work off some extra weight and energy that Axle has.  He is a happy addition to the WolfWood pack.

Previous Updates

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of two of our special animals last week, Falcon and Storm. 20 March, 2021


Falcon was a member of the Alaska Nine Pack. He was mischievous and loved to tease the members of his family. Falcon was 10 and the third member to pass away in the last year. It has been very difficult for all of us to experience the loss of each individual and the loss of the pack as a whole.

Storm was 14 and lived with Siku, who is also 14. Before that he lived with Echo and Pan. He was shy and loving and his sweetness will be missed.


After many years of service, John O'Brien is retiring from managing the WolfWood website that he created. We are grateful for all of his talent, time and dedication.

Chris Cooke will take over as our new webmaster and we are looking forward to his fresh ideas and input.

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