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Refuge News

WolfWood is a state and federally licensed non-profit refuge for wolves and wolf/dogs. We provide a safe haven and the highest quality of life possible for these special needs animals.
We are engaged in rescue and rehabilitation, not breeding and selling. We work with other animal organizations around the country to save wolves and wolf/dogs that otherwise would die.

Meet Gypsy

Gypsy is adjusting well to life at WolfWood. She has been upgraded to the outdoor, slightly larger hospital pen. Soon she will be moved to a full iszed enclosure and hopefully in with a friend!!! She is wagging her tail, enjoying being petted, and loving the extra caleries she is getting to help her put on weight.


Meet Ramsey

Ramsey came from Oklahoma. He is a large, strong male who is in his prime at 4 yrs old.  He came from a private home. He is very social and really loves people. We want to make him an ambassador, IF we can stop him from jumping. Kisses from the top of the dog house help.

Ramsey was picked up on the same trip as Torin and Nina from North Carolina. They all came home together. Ramsey will get a large enclosure and hopefully, a pen- mate very soon. He is already a volunteer favorite.


Wile E's "Adventure"

Coyotes are pure kinetic energy. Ours is no exception. Wile E. is known for his attitude, his loud, dissident singing, and his constant motion. We have had Wile E. since he was 5 weeks old and our journey together over the past 5 years is the stuff of legends. Raising this bundle of energy was much more trouble than dealing with the wolves! 

All of that boundless enthusiasm has recently gotten Wile E. in trouble. When Elizabeth went in to see him one morning it was obvious he had seriously injured his back leg. While he did not utter a peep, we knew he was really hurt. We rushed him to the vet where xrays showed he had shattered his leg and there was no hope of repair. Our vet’s best guess is he caught it in the fence somehow during his usual antics. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Wile E had his leg amputated.

His recovery has been long and hard on all of us. His isolation in the hospital pen put him in a deep depression. Frost bite was a real concern. Finally, Joel built him a small enclosure in his old pen, fully tarped with lots of blankets. He could see his girls and at least touch noses with them. This greatly improved his mood, healing accelerated and he once again threw his head back and announced to the world, off- key and in full voice, he was going to be ok. 

Wile E. is now back in his big enclosure. He still faces some challenges, but running and getting petted and eating sardines and playing rough with his friends; these are not among them. He has returned to the crafty character we know and love. 

Anyone who would like to donate to Wile E’s extensive medical bills can contact:
Pagosa Veterinary Clinic
970 264- 2148


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