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WolfWood is a state and federally licensed non-profit refuge for wolves and wolf/dogs. We provide a safe haven and the highest quality of life possible for these special needs animals.
We are engaged in rescue and rehabilitation, not breeding and selling. We work with other animal organizations around the country to save wolves and wolf/dogs that otherwise would die.

Upcoming Event

October 27th

The World of Wolves

From 6:00pm to 7:15pm at the
Ruby Sisson Library
811 San Juan, Pagosa Springs, CO

Living with wolves is both incredibly challenging and rewarding. You will learn all about wolves and the work that goes into rescuing them. We will discuss their life in the wild, how they communicate, the similarities and differences from dogs, and their interactions with the humans in their lives. You will hear some of their stories and learn about rescue work.

Paula has been rescuing animals for almost 30 years. She has a background in education and moved to Pagosa Springs in 1996 where she founded WolfWood, a state and federally licensed refuge for wolves and wolf dogs. She moved the rescue to La Plata County in 2002, where she has lived ever since.

(This event is part of the Life Long Learning series hosted by the Ruby Sission Library in Pagosa Springs)

Kweo: (by Emily Rikard)

Wolfwood had to say goodbye to Kweo, the last male wolf of the Alaska 9 pack. Kweo stood out from the rest with how starkly black his coat was and how it remained so dark even into old age. Of the original nine wolves that made up Oakley’s pack, Kweo was one of the shier animals. To the casual visitor or volunteer he was standoffish and would often chuff to signal his nervous demeanor. He gave people a more accurate representation of what it might be like to see a wolf in the wild since he was always the one to hang back and watch new visitors from a distance while his packmates soaked up attention through the fence during tours.

Before Oakley passed away there was another more secret affectionate side to Kweo that only a select few people got to experience. It had less to do with who you were and more to do with when you were interacting with the pack. Kweo was always nervous around large groups, as most normal wolves are, but when his most trusted human Ben and one or two volunteers would sit in the pen for a while, they might get lucky enough to be blessed with Kweo’s affection. He was somewhat of an armpit nibbler in his prime. Even if he didn’t always want to be pet in return, he would sit nearby and bask in the ambiance of his family and chosen people.

Paula always thought that Kweo would have been an alpha if he had been born in the wild. He had the right personality for it, but the pack didn’t choose their alpha based on skill as wolves in the wild need to do. Since they were all babies at the same time, they looked to the biggest one to lead them, and that was Oakley.

Once Oakley left the pack unexpectedly, dynamics shifted and the pack inevitably had to be split apart. They didn’t know how to resolve disagreements peacefully anymore without their leader to guide the way. This is common among captive and wild packs when they lose their alpha. Kweo lived with his brother Falcon for a time with his sisters Bruja and Banshee nearby, separated only by a fence. At this point Kweo became more reserved, preferring the company of only those he knew best. Once Falcon passed away, Kweo moved in with his sister Ginger, one of the nine who had been dispersed at the age of two because of conflict between two alpha female personalities. Even though it had been nearly eight years since the two had lived together, they recognized each other instantly and were overjoyed to be reunited. He was far more reserved when he lived with Ginger, choosing only to engage with people from a distance, but he was content.

Kweo and Falcon are brothers and are the only members of the 9-pack with black fur. Kweo started out as a shy puppy but has lost that shyness. He will be right up front greeting visitors to the enclosure although he won't be as insistent as Torq for getting pets and attention. He tends to be very gentle.

Kweo loves to enjoy the sun while resting on top of the various wolf houses. If the other wolves are playing around, Kweo is often content to watch and take in the sunshine.d
Kweo seems to be the most photographed wolf at the Refuge. It may be his coloring, his calm demeanor or his willingness to stay in one place for more than a second. But everyone agrees, it is hard to get a bad picture of Kweo.

Now he runs with his brothers Oakley, Torq, Falcon, and Billy as well as his sister Sita on the other side. I’m sure they’re all happy to see each other again.

For more of Kweo's story as part of the Alaska 9 click here


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