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WolfWood is a state and federally licensed non-profit refuge for wolves and wolf/dogs. We provide a safe haven and the highest quality of life possible for these special needs animals.
We are engaged in rescue and rehabilitation, not breeding and selling. We work with other animal organizations around the country to save wolves and wolf/dogs that otherwise would die.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has become a post Thanksgiving tradition throughout our country. This year, please consider donating to WolfWood as part of supporting the work of nonprofits whose beliefs you share.

The economic climate of 2022 greatly impacted WolfWood, as it did most of the world. Our costs have increased over 50%. We do count our blessings as our donors continue to support us and we received many food donations. We are also blessed with volunteers who maintain our vehicles. However, repairs to some of the pens are needed and wolf-quality fencing is expensive. We also need to construct new infrastructure to support our evolving needs. Any support you can offer is deeply appreciated.

You don't have to wait until December 6th to support us via Colorado Gives Day. You may schedule your donation now and it will be posted on December 6th.

Colorado Gives is not a dollar for dollar match. The incentive fund is divided among all of the participants receiving donations based on the percentage of donations received for each organization. Even a small donation through the link at the top of our webpage is greatly appreciated.

Please access the Colorado Gives link from the top of our webpage via our website: www.wolfwoodrefuge.org or click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser.



They're here!!

The WolfWood 2023 calendars are ready to go. However, due to the rising costs of, well almost everything, we are charging $20 for the calendars this year with a $3 shipping fee. If you are purchasing multiple calendars the shipping fee will still just be a flat $3. However, if you are a person for whom this would cause a great hardship, just let Paula know and she will get it to you at last year's prices. We don't want anyone to miss out on seeing the beautiful faces of our WolfWood animals.

To purchase calendars email Paula at wolfwood1995@hotmail.com. you can pay for them with a check addressed to WolfWood or via the donate button on our web page at http://www.wolfwoodrefuge.org/index.php?page=donation


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