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  Wolfwood videos

Click on the screens below to see videos about Wolfwood, our mission and our wolves. 

Walking with wolves - A tour of Wolfwood Refuge - 2018

Meet Wile E. coyote - October 2017


Kissed by a wolf - October 2017


Get an up close visit from Oakley with Brian Clark's video from the Refuge - March 2014


Durango TV features Wolfwood.  Starring Paula, Ben, Ra, Tala, Razi, Jill, Kodiak and all the members of the Alaska 9 pack - Feb 13, 2014


Paula introduces the children from the Bayfield Family Center to Destiny and her story - July 31, 2012


The Tracks We Leave Behind by FortVideo Production Dec,.11, 2009


Big "O" (Oakley) - The leader of the pack (July 2012)


Falcon says "catch me" to the pack (July 2012)


Banshee and Torq take the lead (July 2012)

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