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Click on the links below to read articles and see videos about Wolfwood, our mission and our wolves.  The linked pages will open in a new window.

Born to be wild  
Written by Jen Reeder;  Sierraclub.org; May 9, 2016;

Paws for Effect  
Wolfwood presentation at Cortez library enthralls visitors
Written by Rachel Sequra;  The Cortez Journal; January 30, 2013;
Leader of the pack  
Art auction to help Wolfwood Refuge
Written by Margaret Hedderman;  The Durango Herald; September 27, 2012;
Cute, friendly, but not good pets  
Refuge shows wolves to raise awareness.
Written by Jordyn Dahl;  The Durango Herald; August 04, 2012;
Wolf pups bred in captivity have new home in Colorado
Nine wolf puppies rescued from a breeder in Alaska have a new home at a refuge in Ignacio, Colorado.
Written by Lori Obert;  9:42 pm MDT July 21, 2011;
Colo. Rescue Trying To Save Wolf Pups From Alaskan Breeder
WolfWood Refuge In Ignacio Has Taken In 9 Puppies;
Deb Stanley, 7News Producer   Posted 12:10 pm MDT July 21, 2011;  Updated 12:21 pm MDT July 21, 2011
Little bark, no bite
Willow, a 120-pound wolf dog, visits schools and organizations on behalf of her frequently misunderstood species.
The Tracks We Leave Behind
8 min - Dec 11, 2009 - Uploaded by FortVideoProduction
Documentary on Wolf Wood in Ignacio, Colorado.
Call of the wild: The leaders of the pack are back
Wolves greet humans at Hermit Park
Julie Harvey;  Trail Gazette; June 17, 2010
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