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Featured Wolves

New Additions: Dembe and Delta

Dembe(all black) and Delta(tan & black mix) came to us from Tennessee. When they arrived, they were very malnourished and underdeveloped. We thought it would take months to get them fully healthy, but they surprised everyone by only taking a couple of weeks to become happy healthy puppies. 

From the start the pair has been a rambunctious trouble-making duo. Their first couple of weeks they lived in Paula’s living room and on her porch to keep them isolated from potential diseases while they grew and became stronger. In that time they managed to eat a small hole through her deck, destroy a metal stool, and chew up the trim around her door. Even at only a couple months of age they were demonstrating why wolves don’t make good pets!

As soon as they had enough vaccines and were a bit bigger, they were moved to a small enclosure near Paula’s house so they could continue to receive constant socialization. They had a giant rock to climb, and a pool to play in. They loved it. Their favorite activity was and still is to tear around their pen and jump in and out of their pool.

As wolf puppies without a real canine parental figure, they are less sure of themselves with new people and situations. But we are hoping we will be able to make them into ambassador animals. As long as they have one of their trusted people with them, they are happy to greet visitors on tours. Dembe is the braver of the two when meeting new people, but both can be skittish. They favor women over men for the most part, but do come around to men with patience and lots of treats.

Delta is the trouble maker of the two, and perhaps too smart for her own good. She loves to try and take things she deems interesting, as most wolves do. With her human friends and caretakersshe is extremely physical. She will give wolf rubs and give big toothy open mouth kisses. She is holding onto some of her puppy behavior longer than normal because of her lack of canine parental figure. She will suckle on fingers, and nibble on chins. Her transformation has been stunning. She went from being mostly hairless with weak twisted front legs, to looking like a mini adult wolf over the course of a few months. Her colors are striking.

Dembe is affectionate, and since he has a little more dog in him than Delta, he listens better. At six months old and already close to 60 pound, he is going to be a big boy! He thinks he is a lap wolfdog, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a big snuggle bug!

The puppies are at a critical time in their life where they are figuring out what is dangerous and what is not. Anything new is scary, so we have been working with them to get used to the things we don’t want them do deem scary. An example of this is walking on a leash. If we want them to be ambassadors, they are going to have to be comfortable with walking outside of their enclosure. They will also have to be used to as many people as possible. So if you come on a tour at Wolfwood, you will play a vital role in getting them socialized!

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