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Featured Wolf


Majesty is a female wolf who came to the refuge in April of 2012 as a 2 year-old.  She had spent her first two years on a chain, tied to fences, bumpers, whatever was handy. Her owners moved to a house where they could not keep her. They took her to be boarded and then called us.  It took months for the marks around her neck from the chains to heal and it will take a lot of work and patience for her to ever be close to a normal animal. Pound for pound, she is our strongest animal.  She loves people and wants lots of attention, but she is extremely food aggressive and will growl and snap if challenged.  She is impulsive and can be hard to handle.  It is a real shame because she is beautiful and intelligent, and damaged. We hope to balance out the two polar opposite sides of her personality by offering her love and boundaries.  We will do our best, as always.

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