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Featured Wolf

Tala: Out of the ashes, healing.

Wolves and other canines mourn the loss of their loved ones. Tala who recently lost her brother Ra is now getting more one on one time with volunteers then she ever has (Ra in all his glory was a bit of a jelly bug) and it is healing for both human and canine.

Tala and her brother Ra came from an illegal breeder in Alaska. They were both in very poor health when they arrived. The breeder had taken them away from their mother at a very young age because he believed the myth that in doing so, they would bond with humans instead. They were chained and fed a horrible diet. Tala, due to her malnourishment, was very small.

Tala's first night with Wolfwood was almost her last. She started running a fever and was quickly rushed to the vet. She had an upper respiratory infection and was severely dehydrated. She was admitted and put on an IV of antibiotics and fluids to rehydrate her little body. The vet wasn't sure she would pull through.

To everyone's delight, pull through she did. Tala was the playful pup who just wanted to roughhouse.

Plans were made to build what would be Wolfwood's largest enclosure (at that time). When it was finished, watching this sister and brother be able to run and play was pure joy

Much to our great joy, Tala adores Dante. They have become inseperable. Tala now lives with Dante in a new pen.

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