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There are many opportunities and ways that you can help out by volunteering. We always need help with the wolves, such as cleaning their pens, feeding them, and even just socializing with the wolves. The wolves love the company, and are excited to have people to show off in front of. At times it's necessary for us to expand and build more pens. Help is needed in the construction of those pens and the more people that we can get to help us, the easier it is to do.

There are also ways that people can help out outside of Wolfwood. We can always use help in publicizing the refuge and performing public relations tasks. This is a nonprofit organization and as such, we can always use help in letting people know what we do here to help the wolves. In an effort to help publicize the refuge and dispel myths and preconceptions that people have about wolves, we hold events at various areas and as such can always use help in someone organizing or aiding in the coordination of the events. There are plenty other ways that you can help out and volunteer, if you're interested you can call or email us and we'll get you the necessary information that you need.

For additional information contact Paula via email at wolfwood1995@hotmail.com or (970)946-9606

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