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Ambassador Wolves


Adored by volunteers and visitors alike.

Since Xena has been with WolfWood, she has grown into a fan favorite at events and Refuge tours. She just LOVES people. She enjoys posing for photos given the chance.

Xena came from Tulsa, OK in May of 2019. At the time she was 1-1/2 years old. She is a big, bouncy girl who is always happy to meet new people. She has been out at many events and has become a premier ambassador for WolfWood.


Ramsey came from Oklahoma. He is a large, strong male who is in his prime at 4 yrs old.  He came from a private home. He is very social and really loves people. We want to make him an ambassador, IF we can stop him from jumping. Kisses from the top of the dog house help.

Ramsey was picked up on the same trip as Torin and Nina from North Carolina. They all came home together. Ramsey will get a large enclosure and hopefully, a pen- mate very soon. He is already a volunteer favorite.



We are continuously assessing which animals are best suited to be Ambassador Wolves in 2022 and beyond.

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